We are lucky enough that God choose us to serve the humanity through their kitchenware. we are along with other personalities of the society who works related to the nature & organic segment are assured you to provide the best solution as possible. A large team of our promoters include the specialist from various segments like Ayurveda Medical System, Homeopathy Medical System, Nephropathy Medical System, Yoga System etc.

All of our promoters are promoting brand AMRIT MITTI COOL at all possible platform like

  • Recommending Clay Kitchenware
  • Writing blogs on the effect of Clay kitchenware on the treatment of any diseases.
  • Spreading awareness at different platform
  • Even including Clay kitchenware in their regular Research & Development program to explore the significance of Clay Kitchenware.

Dr. Surjeet Singh Sachan
Senior Medical Officer

All physicians promote Eco-friendly and health friendly product, in this continuation and as a promoter of health product recommend Earthen Pots (clay pot) because clay pots contain all minerals like calcium Phosphorus, Sulphur, Magnesium, Zinc etc. and all these minerals of earthen pots come into food while cooking, which makes the Food healthy and tasty as well. Earthen utensils are better than heavy metal utensils because cooking in heavy metal utensils lead to eating a large amount of metal part. Some are good for health, but some are not good, due to high metal content many diseases like constipation, peptic ulcer are more likely.

That’s why, Being the medical practitioner of Homeopathy Medicine System, I recommend Clay made kitchenware.

Amrit Mitti Cool is the leading brand in the field of designing & developing Clay kitchenware. They are assuring quality of clay used in the manufacturing.


Dr. Sachin Sharma
Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic College, Rohtak


Dr. Sagar
Naturopathy Care Center
Sector- 7, Faridabad, Haryana

Dr. Kumar, Kumar Life Style Health Care
Sector 49, Faridabad, Haryana