Q1. Can I used these clay kitchenware as cooking vessels.
Answer: Yes, absolutely
We designed our cooking kitchenware range only for cooking. You can cook any vegetarian/non vegetarian in these kitchenware.

Q2. How Clay Kitchenware is better?
Answer: Yes these are much better as
They enhance the taste of food.
They preserve the level of nutrients and micronutrient of your food even after cooking.
They balance the level of acidity and alkaline in your food.

Q3. How can I wash clay kitchenware?
Answer: Yes it was a challenging task earlier, but now we offer you “Clay Dish Wash-A herbal Liquid Gel” that is not only used to wash the clay kitchenware but also other material based kitchenware.

Q4. Can I order online for your products?
Answer: Yes, we offer each of our products on online and ready to deliver your selection at your doorstep.

Q5. Are you dealing in other range also?
Answer: Yes, continuously our team is trying to prepared new products based on tradition methods. Soon we will launch our organic and plant excretion based products.

Q6. Why should I buy only from www.amritmitticool.com ?

Answer: We, Amrit Mitti Cool assured you about the best quality product that you choosen. Amrit Mitti Cool offer you whole range of kitchenware products.

Q7. Can I get associated with you being a partner?

Answer: Yes, you can read more about it here in “Become Partner”. Or call us at +91-9910670065.

Q8. Can I purchase your products offline in my city?

Yes, you can visit our stores in the various cities. To know about the availability in your city, check in the list of stores.

Q9. How do I replace products?

Answer: We provide a full replacement for any defective products, if the product is purchased from our website (www.amritmitticool.com) and return request reported within 1 days from the date of delivery. To initiate a return request please call +91-9910670065